Areion Mining Private Limited

We, at Areion Mining, are striding into the mining industry with these core qualities. Bentonite is our core product and being a multi-use mineral, it is of great use to various industries. Equipped with complete know-how about the multiple applications and uses of Bentonite, we aim at providing better lifestyle and health to mankind. We have employed state-of-the-art equipment’s and machinery to produce process and market the minerals.

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Our Products

Bentonite is used as a binding agent in the production of iron ore pellets. Through this process, iron ore fines are converted into spherical pellets, suitable as feed material in blast furnaces for pig iron production, or in the production of direct reduction iron (DRI).


Bentonite is used as an ion exchanger for improvement and conditioning of the soil.

Bentonite is utilized in the removal of impurities in oils where its adsorptive properties are crucial in the processing of edible oils and fats (Soya/palm/canola oil).